Treatment of the Month: Mother To Be

When it comes to pregnancy treatments, this full body scrub and massage is pretty much perfect.

Pregnancy is a sacred time of grace for a woman, a time when your heart and soul is open, receptive and very sensitive. This stage is also a time of receiving love and of nurturing peace and stillness. Balance is essential for your developing baby to feel secure and happy.

Nourishing, tension release and hormonal balance are the big focus here. This gorgeous treatment starts with a foot ritual, followed by a mini body scrub and shower.

This scrub stimulates the lymphatic system, helping to eliminate toxins from the cells and stimulating circulation. The blackcurrant seeds, rich in anti-oxidants offer a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation. These have a vitally uplifting effect while also strengthening your bio-energy field.

Another ingredient is Rosehip Seeds, which add to the gentleness of the scrub. The oil blend has been created to nourish and nurture safely.

Herbal extracts have been added to the Argan Base Oil, such as Lavender, Rose and Geranium known for their gentle healing energy.

Additionally, these essential oils have been chosen for their cleansing benefits on a physical and astral level.

This delicious treatment finishes with a full body massage which includes light technique and hot poultices being applied to each marma energy point to bring a deep peace and bliss.

Discover where you can experience this amazing mother-to-be treatment by finding your nearest Ila Spa.

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