Treatment of the Month: Prana Vitality Massage

A revitalising one-hour full body massage that has all the results you want: detoxifying, energy-boosting, mood-busting and great for sluggish circulation.

This delicious treatment releases toxins, reduces fatigue and restores strength. It’s all thanks to Prana – cosmic energy and the life force which fills you with vitality, positivity and joy.

Prana flows upwards. So, the focus of this treatment is to encourage and strengthen this flow with blissful massage techniques and Marma therapy with energy-enhancing essential oils.

Two of the most important (and potent) of these oils are Juniper Berry and Lemongrass. Slowly ripened by the sun, they are packed with high levels of Prana.

Other ingredients include: Geranium for balancing mind and body, Lavender which stimulates the lymphatic system and Patchouli to aid metabolic function. Each of these ingredients also revives the third Chakra, the solar plexus.

The treatment begins with a foot ritual, using pure Himalayan salt before the full body massage to release deep-seated tension from the body through firm pressure.

This includes an abdominal massage, working deeply on the colon to improve digestion and encourage body detoxification.

An exquisite head massage finishes the treatment which leaves you blissing out even further.

You skip off happy, cleansed and sparkling with enthusiasm for life. 

To discover where you can experience this blissful treatment, find your nearest Ila Spa.

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