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ila's Jasmine essential oil is distilled in India, and acts as an anti-depressant, by uplifting your mood and easing anxiety.

It also acts as a sedative to soothe and re-balance the nervous system, as well as an aphrodisiac by helping to stimulate the flow of love and prana through the body. 

This grounding, comforting, and relaxing organic ingredient is extracted from a flower known as the "Flower of Angels".

Jasmine has a strong resonance with the second Chakra and the reproductive system.

It attracts the cosmic light of the Universe into the Central Nervous System, thus strengthening and replenishing the subtle body. It is therefore used in Water, Air (Heart) and Soul blends.

Jasmine can be found in many of our natural, luxurious products, including our Inner Peace Collection, and our organic candles, such as the Jasmine Flowers For Inner Light & Joy, and the Essence of Joy 4 Wick Candle.