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Orange Blossom

Extracted from the blossom of the orange, blossoms contain the highest level of prana compared to any other plant.

It is deeply nourishing, and a source of higher awareness. Orange Blossom also helps you connect with the divine consciousness and brings spiritual bliss.

Orange Blossom acts to regenerate and heal scar tissue, as well as promoting a smoother skin. It can reduce and protect against broken capillaries.

Our fresh, organic Orange Blossom is extremely pure, and will calm, soothe and nourish skin whilst refreshing and toning the skin.

It also uplifts, reassures and promotes confidence, which is why it can be found in our Energy Spray For An Aura Of Confidence.

You can also find Orange Blossom in our:

as well as some of our masks, creams and oils used in our luxurious spa treatments.