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We seek the highest levels of natural and ethical purity, and work directly with growers and farmers to support local communities and promote ancient knowledge.

Each ingredient is painstakingly sourced for its physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Our star ingredients include Argan oil – a mystical oil that deeply nurtures; Himalayan salt crystals over 250 million years; Rose Otto Damascene – nature’s most therapeutic nectar, and the purest life-giving extracts from the heart of Amazonia.

These natural ingredients are only found in remote parts of the world and hold high levels of vibrational energy. We harness this in our products so it can be absorbed by the skin, bringing powerful healing benefits to the subtle energies within our bodies.



In a rough, rugged region of Eastern Pakistan, at the point where it enters Kashmir, the ancient pink rock salt crystals hewn from the ground are considered to be the purest, most mineral-rich in the world.

Containing the same 84 essential trace minerals as our blood, these incredible crystals hold over 250 million years of healing energy. During scrubs or bathing, the salt’s mineral ions penetrate the skin, balancing bio-energetic weak points, stimulating regeneration, and inducing deep relaxation – healing qualities known to the Kashmiri miners and their communities for centuries (and shared with ila since 2007).

Found in: Bath Salts for CleansingBath Salts for Inner PeaceBody Scrub for a Blissful ExperienceBody Scrub for Energising and DetoxifyingEnergy Spray for an Aura of ConfidenceFace Mask for Revitalising Skin.


In the lush foothills of the Himalayas, Ankur and his family grow and distil the exquisitely fragranced Rose Damascene as his ancestors have for generations.The petals are picked at dawn to harness optimum vitality then promptly distilled in copper vats, using water drawn by solar energy and heated by burning cow dung.

To complete the natural, centuries-old cycle, Ankur feeds the spent petals to his cows. The end result is a distillate of Rose Otto with a depth, richness of scent and purity of vibration that exceeds any we have encountered anywhere else in the world.

Found in: Bath Oil for Glowing RadianceBath Salts for Inner PeaceBody Balm for Feeding Skin and SensesBody Cream for Glowing RadianceBody Scrub for a Blissful ExperienceCleansing Milk for Natural BeautyDay Cream for Glowing RadianceEnergy Spray for an Aura of ConfidenceFace Mask for Revitalising SkinFace Oil for Glowing Radiance.


Produced under the guidance, trust and co-operation of the remote Kayapó tribe, this exceptional, naturally organic oil is extracted from the seeds of the babassu palm in the Amazon Rainforest.

Light and non-oily, it melts on contact with the skin resulting in an immediate, deep penetration; these qualities make it the best carrier oil for the precious, deeply regenerative bio-active plant extracts used in our Renewed Recovery range.

Found in: Day Cream for Renewed RecoveryEye Serum for Renewed RecoveryFace Serum for Renewed RecoveryNight Cream for Renewed Recovery.


The Berber people have prized the native Moroccan argan tree for centuries, grinding its kernels to produce a fragrant oil rich in omega fatty acids and anti-oxidants, and revered for its health-giving and anti-ageing properties.

We source our Argan Oil from a women’s co-operative in Morocco, whose skills have been passed down over generations of Berbers.

The kernels are crushed, filtered and cold-pressed in the way they always have been, using many hands and just a few simple mechanical aids.

Found in: Bath Oil for Glowing RadianceBody Balm for Feeding Skin and SensesBody Cream for Glowing RadianceBody Oil for Vital EnergyBody Scrub for a Blissful ExperienceBody Scrub for Energising and DetoxifyingCleansing Milk for Natural BeautyDay Cream for Glowing RadianceFace Mask for Revitalising SkinFace Oil for Glowing Radiance.


The Amazon Rainforest supports the greatest concentration of life energy on earth.

Our pioneering Renewed Recovery range features an exclusive and sustainable blend of four bio-active plant extracts – AcmellaPfaffiaMarapuama and White Lily.

Produced in complete harmony with the rainforest, we believe it to be one of nature’s purest and most concentrated harvests of health-giving ingredients: the essence of Amazonia.

Found in: Day Cream for Renewed RecoveryEye Serum for Renewed RecoveryFace Serum for Renewed RecoveryNight Cream for Renewed Recovery.


Our Rosehip Seed Oil is one of nature's best-kept secrets. Cold-pressed (from the seeds of wild roses) by a sustainable farming project in the southern Andes, its pure Vitamin A and essential fatty acids pay tribute to the untouched, fertile soil and specific microclimate.

The resultant oil is a non-greasy nectar, the colour of the richest amber, that rapidly penetrates the skin's upper layers with astounding benefits.

From scar tissue to stretch marks, sun damage to psoriasis, fine wrinkles to irregular pigmentation, it acts directly on affected cell membranes initiating the deepest regeneration. So much more than a moisturiser, it might just be the best ally your skin ever had.

Found in: Body Oil for Vital EnergyBody Scrub for a Blissful ExperienceBody Scrub for Energising and DetoxifyingFace Oil for Glowing Radiance.


The ila family stretches from the heart of the beautiful English Cotswolds to the foothills of the Himalayas, through the deepest recesses of the Amazon Rainforest and into countless communities and co-operatives across Morocco, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Tibet and Bhutan.

We are also indebted to the numerous therapists worldwide who embrace the essence of ila while attending our training sessions, performing our treatments and recommending our products.

At ila, we see investment in direct relationships and sustainable farming projects with indigenous communities as the key to safeguarding both our own integrity and the integrity of the planet.


(Rose Damascene OttoJasmine and Tuberose)

Ankur manages a co-operative of traditional Indian farmers whose work supports this small Himalayan community.


(Apricot Oil)

“The increase in volumes of orders from ila helps 20 remote villages of Baltistan. This provides a source of income for women and boosts small enterprise developments. It enables the community to work together and benefit in a united way. It ensures the children of these remote villages are also educated – something that hasn’t been readily available to them before.”

The Aga Khan Foundation, Pakistan


Since it first began working with ila, this community programme has expanded across several adjacent villages to meet increasing demand.

As a result, an educational programme has also been initiated.


(Babassu Oil)

We work closely with Tribes Alive, a charity that supports indigenous communities in Brazil through sustainable projects. Through Tribes Alive, we entered into dialogue with the Kayapó tribe, deep in the Amazon Rainforest.

We obtain sustainably sourced Babassu Oil from these indigenous custodians, working under their guidance and trust and with their full co-operation to ensure the integrity of the forest and the preservation of their natural way of life.


(Argan OilCactus Oil and Argan Husks)

We also support the Tibetan Vocational School, a special vocational college with a dedicated spa school, encouraging the training of young Tibetans in the health and wellness industry.