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Our Philosophy



At ila we pride ourselves on being a skin and heart nurturing company that is actively ‘Redefining Beauty’ – supporting the age old adage that beauty is much more than just skin deep, it is a quality within. It is a feeling.

Whilst much of the beauty industry prides itself on constantly striving for polished perfection or hooking itself to the latest trend, at ila we walk a very different path.

We are not about critical self-improvement or the search for eternal youth. We don’t believe in living as extroverts, nor do we believe that women should hide in the shadows.

ila is about sharing, with women around the world, the ability to self-care, love and honour the individual essence within each one of us, loving who we are in all our completeness, so that each one of us can shine. What could be more beautiful than that? To be luminously ourselves. To enjoy a harmony between mind, body and spirit. To live in a state of grace.

At ila, we pledge to care sensitively for your energy levels and soul body, as well as for your skin.

We believe society needs to re-remember what ‘beauty’ truly means, and we hope our products provide a path for you to remember too.