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Sonic Wave Therapy


ila’s gentle Sonic Wave Therapy works in harmony with the ila Gold Cellular Age-Restore Face Serum to promote deep skin cell hydration and a firm youthful complexion with long lasting anti-ageing results. The exclusive formula within the Gold Cellular Age-Restore Face Serum has been created with a unique combination of plant derived Hyaluronic Acid and Boswelic Acids that contains molecules so small they are able to penetrate easily. When used in conjunction with the Gold Sonic Wave Therapy, gentle sonic waves penetrate these molecules to the deepest layers of the skin, expanding to instantly plump and hydrate the skin.

Using this product

Apply the ila Gold Cellular Age-Restore Serum liberally to the Sonic Wave Machine and glide across the skin upwards and outwards. Use in conjunction with the light therapy to enhance results.

Red Light – Promotes the production of collagen, reducing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity

Blue Light- Balance sebum secretion and help to clear the skin of blemishes

Green Light - Reduce redness and inflammation and can provide an overall calming effect on the complexion.  

Can be used up to a maximum of three times a week. Please refer to user manual for more information.