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Rosehip Seed Oil

Our Rosehip Seed Oil is one of nature's best-kept secrets.

Cold-pressed (from the seeds of wild Roses) by a sustainable farming project in the southern Andes, its pure Vitamin A and essential fatty acids pay tribute to the untouched, fertile soil and specific microclimate.

The resultant oil is a non-greasy nectar, the colour of the richest amber, that rapidly penetrates the skin's upper layers with astounding benefits.

From scar tissue to stretch marks, sun damage to psoriasis, fine wrinkles to irregular pigmentation, it acts directly on affected cell membranes initiating the deepest regeneration.

So much more than a moisturiser, it might just be the best ally your skin ever had.

Rosehip Seed Oil can be found in a number of our luxurious, organic skin care products, including: