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Sandalwood is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce any redness or blemishes.

It also works to strengthen and protect skin whilst providing long lasting hydration. 

ila's Indian Sandalwood is effective for headaches, swollen muscles and injuries, and acts as a sedative to soothe the nervous system.

Its grounding, relaxing properties means it is able to relief anxiety and promote a meditative mind-frame.

The essential oil (which we source from Western Australia) is extracted from the bark of the tree and has an affinity with the Earth Chakra, but it also encourages the light from the soul centre to be present in the Earth Chakra.

It is a very sacred oil and is associated with Lord Ganesh, the ruler of the Earth Chakra, as well as wealth and abundance, qualities of the Earth Chakra.

Sandalwood can be found in our Glowing RadianceGold Cellular and Inner Peace Collections, as well as Incense and luxurious spa treatments.